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Lengte: 7000mm
Breedte: 1580mm
Hoogte: 1980mm
Gewicht: 3000kg

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The Teupen Leo25T is suited to supply diverse indoor and outdoor solutions. It can be safely driven in rough and uneven terrain. The outrigger setup and the automatic levelling system ensures confidence in operation and safety at height. A diesel engine allows the unit to work outdoors, over very rough terrain, while the electric motor allows fume free, quite operation indoors. Non marking tracks are also an option to ensure that floors are not marked. This narrow tracked spider lift has excellent rough terrain capabilities due to the caterpillar type tracks. This type of Spider MEWP offers benefits when point loads or ground bearing pressure is an issue. The Teupen Leo 25T offers a working height of 25 metres with a maximum outreach 15.50 metres.

ID nummer: 42219
Categorie: Hoogwerker
Machine: Telescopische hoogwerker
Merk: Teupen
Model: Leo 25T
Serienummer: 1447
Bouwjaar: 2011
Motor: Diesel
Urenstand: 5941
Hefvermogen: 200kg
Kleur: Origineel
Conditie: Gebruikt
Platformhoogte (max): 23m
Werkhoogte (max): 25m
Horizontaalbereik (max): 15m
Hydraulische steunpoten: Ja

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