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Lengte: 10.25m
Breedte: 2.49m
Hoogte : 2.80m
Gewicht : 18131kg

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The Genie S-85 XC provides a 27.9m maximum working height and excellent horizontal reach of 22.7m, with a lift capacity of 454kg - sufficient for two people with tools. It provides two safe working loads – up to 454kg with a restricted envelope or up to 300kg with unrestricted operation, which allows up to three people with tools to work on the platform.

Great drive performance is assured by positive traction control and automatic axle adjustment and the Genie S-85 XC features exclusive virtual pivot boom design, which maintains the weight of the boom over the chassis’ centre of gravity as it elevates. This keeps the overall weight of the machine down by reducing the amount of counterweight required, making it ideal for use on sensitive terrain.

ID nummer: 82977
Categorie: Hoogwerker
Machine: Telescopische hoogwerker
Merk: Genie
Model: S-85 XC
Serienummer: 467
Bouwjaar: 2018
Motor: Diesel
Urenstand: 548
Mast: Telescoop
Hefvermogen: 454kg
Conditie: Gebruikt
Aandrijving: 4X4
Platformhoogte (max): 25.91m
Werkhoogte (max): 27.91m
Horizontaalbereik (max): 22.71m

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